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The SAW Soccer Academy Model

How We Do It

The SAW Soccer Academy Training Model is delivered through seasonal training sessions. We time our trainings to align with the major soccer seasons in our area - Winter (indoor/futsal), Spring (public high schools), Summer (camps), and Fall (club). This allows us to work with athletes throughout the year, providing individually focused pool training sessions as they move through each season.

Each of our training seasons offers a slightly different program:

  • The Winter Indoor Technical Academy is a futsal-style program featuring two training sessions every week, each with a heavy concentration on individual technical skills development. Every session includes focused speed, agility, and quickness work - perfect to prepare for Spring high school soccer.
  • The Spring season offers an intense training environment for players that either aren't playing high school, that want to supplement their club training, or are participating with one of our Academy teams.
  • Our Summer Soccer Academy features a more relaxed training environment where younger players can explore the sport, while still being introduced to a higher level of training than is typically offered at the "usual" summer soccer camps.
  • The Fall season brings the most intense time of the year, as most high school players are looking to prepare for the coming season, and the most advanced club players are looking to prepare for tournaments and college recruiting events.

Included with your Seasonal Registration

Once you register to train with SAWSA, one of our coaches will contact you to determine your training objectives - your registration includes TWO week night sessions, as well as the option to participate in our specialist sessions on Saturdays. You get all of the following:

  • 1 x SAW Soccer Academy training t-shirts
  • 3 x 90 minute sessions / week
  • Player development profile to provide on-going feedback
  • Performance monitoring data collection and personal tracking software
  • Selective video analysis and highlight footage
  • Access to Techne Futbol on-line/app-based training platform
  • Invitations to scrimmages against other local teams, as available
  • All sessions led by one of our highly experienced coaches

You get all of the above when you train with SASWA.


SAW Soccer Academy Partners

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SPT Sports Performance Tracking GPS provides an overall view of physical output, from both a team and an individual perspective.

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Techne Futbol

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A one-of-a-kind resource for players and coaches, developed by long-time pro and former U.S. Women's National Team player Yael Averbuch.